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The situation in Slavyansk, Donetsk and Stakhanov on April 27

Slavic. Last night near Sloviansk Ukrainian security forces began to build released checkpoint separatists. Targeted operations conducted mobile spetsnaz group SBU. Donetsk. Last night to an armory in Artemovsk protected by Ukrainian military arrived about 100 separatists , some of whom were armed. After 2 hours, the separatists were already about 1,000 people identified with the numbers of cars coming Kharkiv region. Serious attempts to assault are taken, action was more a matter of psychological pressure. Separatists chanting ” Army with the people ! “. Stakhanov. After a short night crowd activity pro-Russian citizens , gathered in the city center, dispersed. Initiated the share of the profits from Lugansk extremists left town (toward Luhansk ) . The detention of Donetsk extremists SBU (as reported by the media tonight ) we , a group of “Information Resistance” , do not comment . “IP”


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