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Summary – May 30, 2014

The bad news:

1. The notorious “Nona” remained partially paralyzed in Sloviansk, but still shows signs of life in the hands of terrorists. Terrorists loaded the self-propelled mortar, shot down by security forces, into a trailer and continue to haul it from one position to another in the residential areas of the city.

Last night, a [Ukrainian] security forces checkpoint was shot at by fire from this gun. Also, insurgents fired from “Nona” at a local children’s hospital and at residential buildings.

The impression is that “Nona” has endless ammunition (for your reference, the standard ammunition [for “Nona”] constitutes 25 rounds). Since it’s impossible to destroy it (which still seems a little strange), it wouldn’t hurt, for starters, to answer the question of who delivers the ammunition for it and how.

2. In only the past two days, eight soldiers of the National Guard were killed.

But the Guardsmen will avenge theirs. The National Guard commander S. Poltorak vowed that terrorists would answer “for every murdered soldier, National Guard and Ukrainian Army serviceman.” “The earth will burn under their feet,” he said.

The terrorists have accumulated black deeds for which it’s high time to answer, in abundance. But as a former officer of the [National] Guard (the first one, before 2000), I’d like to add about Poltorak’s statement (excuse my pathos): Guardsmen don’t throw words at the wind.

3. Well, here is something not necessarily from the bad, but sooner from the ridiculous and the insane. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case against the Ukrainian military under the Article: “On the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare.” As in, Ukraine is conducting its ATO in the wrong manner, [by being] too tough on terrorists.

If a civilized country put forward such claims, obviously it would still raise questions, but [people] would at least try to understand a similar statement. But when the Kremlin is engaged in such nonsense, and constantly drowns entire regions of Russia in the blood of their countrymen–it is perceived as a delirium.

Despite this, tens of millions of Russian citizens with a diagnosis of “chronic Kiselev thought process” [that is currently] raging throughout the Russian Federation, sincerely believe in these ravings.

4. By the way, polls show the same. The Russian “Levada Center” confirms: over the last month, the number of people in Russia who have a bad attitude towards Ukraine almost doubled–from 25% of Russians in April to 49% now. Putin propaganda in action.

The good news:

1. Ukrainian border guards are becoming more active. Today, they prevented the entry of arms cargo from the territory of Russia, and detained Russian “volunteers.” Meanwhile, the State Border Service is currently negotiating with the Ministry of Defense and the National Guard to strengthen border units on the border with Russia.

And it’s not just talk. According to our data, the redeployment of a number of the Army and [National] Guard units to reinforce the Border Service is already underway.

Meanwhile, for a long time now, we have been receiving data that Russian border guards fully facilitate the infiltration of terrorists into the territory of Ukraine–although for today, this is visible to the naked eye.

According to IR information, the Russian border guards supply the insurgent “warlords” with information about the locations of Ukrainian border guard service units and recommend the best routes for movement. And, of course, they completely refuse to recognize the facts of border violations between the two states–simply put, they provide the “roof” for mercenaries following the Kremlin’s task.

I hope that such assistance from the Border Service of the FSB of Russia won’t save the freaks that are working to turn Donbas into a meat grinder.

2. The Dnipro Battalion and the Terroritial Defense Battalion of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast [region] currently have under full control several railway stations in the area, as well as all border railway stations.

It’s necessary to create a “security zone” around Donbas, where the ATO forces battle the terrorists. So that this infection won’t spread, and so that it only has one way [to go], in zinc coffins to their dear Russia.

By the way, according to the Minister of Defense M.Koval, in Donbas the ring around insurgents is currently being closed in on. Thus, the south and west of Donetsk Oblast and the north of Luhansk Oblast have been released from terrorists. It is a shame that this process is incredibly slow.

3. Today, special forces repulsed an attempt to break through the cordon around Sloviansk. Terrorists tried to plow through the long-suffering checkpoint in the direction of Red Lyman, but failed to do so.

Run, little rats. The main task is not to miss anyone, since a large “distribution of elephants” [colloquial for “gift–giving” in the form of payback] is not that far off, and we would not want to deprive some of these gentlemen of what they deserve. Justice first and foremost.

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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