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Summary – May 26, 2014

The bad news:

1. Yanukovych said that he respects the choice of the Ukrainian people in the Presidential elections. What a respectful [ousted former] President of ours he is. But at the same time, he says,  “the legitimacy of these elections, as well as the legitimacy of the President requires the participation of  southeastern Ukraine.”

Of course, this brings up numerous questions and topics for trolling. What “southeastern Ukraine,” what the hell? All of southern and the majority of eastern Ukraine voted normally. The only problems arose with districts (and by no means all of them) of Donbas where terrorists disrupted the process.

Or how about Yanukovych calling Ukraine “our country.” Did it just seem to me, or is he mocking [us]? His Ukraine as a country bred by his own corruption, lies, villainy, and violence is over and will never come back (I firmly believe in it). And the new Ukraine has no place for him.

Overall, this is all laughable, but we all understand that the voice of Yanukovych comes from the piece of paper written by the Kremlin. Whatever is said by this clown–is Putin’s position.

Although, the State Duma of the Russian Federation has already declared that they hope for a constructive dialogue with Ukrainian authorities. Thus, today the First Deputy Chairman of the Lower Chamber of the Constitutional Legislation and State-Building of the Russian State Duma A. Ageyev announced this. Also, the same was stated by the Head of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration, and Relations with Fellow Countrymen L. Slutskiy.

So, [they] will have to engage in dialogue. They won’t get anywhere. The only question is what will this dialogue result in?

2. Terrorists who attacked the polling station in Novoaidar Raion [district] in Luhansk Oblast yesterday, were led by a V. Maretskyi who is a rector at one of the local churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church [UOC] of the Moscow Partiarchate [MP].

This isn’t the first case like this. Objects [churches] and the clergy of the UOC MP in Donbas have been the centers of anti-Ukrainian activity for a long time. Now they are an important element in terrorist activities.

Anti-Ukrainian propaganda among the local parishioners, harboring and comprehensive assistance to the insurgents, conversion of churches and monasteries into temporary shipment bases–it’s all been done.

I understand that we cannot accuse all representatives of the UOC MP en masse. Just like [in the situation] with Russian journalists [from Life News]–here the opinion of the internatonal community is unlikely to be on our side. But this problem has to be solved somehow.

The good news:

1. The Presidential elections in Ukraine took place. And they took place in one round. There’s no doubt that the civilized world recognizes (and it’s happening already) their legitimacy.

Now we can congratulate all of us with the new President only in the sense that his emergence completely solves the problem of the “legitimacy” of the new government.

But it’s too early to say whether we should really be happy. This can be determined only after the first steps (not in words but in action) of our new leader to address the problems of separatism and counteraction of Russian intervention in our affairs, as well as the problems with economics, social services, etc.

I very much hope that Ukrainians have not miscalculated.

2. Activization of the ATO. Today’s large-scale operation to liberate the Donetsk airport from terrorists is a good initiative. We hope it will be successfully continued.

The bad thing is that the fighting has gone into cities where hundreds of thousands of peaceful and innocent civilians live. The good thing is that terrorists no longer feel themselves the masters of the land of Donbas. For this is already tired.

I very much hope that today’s activity of the ATO forces is not just a desire by the operation command to show to the newly-elected President that it is capable of acting. But let’s wait and see. Personally, I think that the personnel reshuffle within the ATO is a necessity. But this is my personal opinion.

3. Today we have once again evaluated the number of Russian troops at our borders. Their grouping has really diminished.

In particular, in the eastern regions of Ukraine more than 11,000 Russian personnel are deployed and about 1,500 pieces of military equipment.

This still isn’t a reason to talk about peace and stability. Troops can return in a few days, their transfer to the border with Ukraine is already well practiced. And the regular supply of weapons to our terrorists and to new subdivisions of mercenaries from Russia goes at full speed.

But this is a small gap in a quiet war with Moscow for the first time in many weeks. We’ll learn to appreciate small successes, bringing nearer a time for big ones.

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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