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Summary – April 8, 2014

The bad news:

1. As reported by us already: according to our data, the separatists received directives from their Russian coordinators to provide a “corridor” at the Ukrainian border for the entry of Russian troops. According to information as of 9:00 pm [Ukrainian time], the “corridor” should be organized in Luhansk oblast [region]. If this scenario is successful, then we will have the “Crimean option.” With one key difference: our law enforcement, border control, special forces and the army are here, are not without their problems, but are ready to counteract [the invader].

2. Separatists have broken loose. They seized the SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] building in Luhansk which is stuffed with explosives. 60 people have been taken hostage. In Kharkiv, a bus with law enforcement has been attacked. This is pure terrorism. In normal countries, they shoot terrorists like rabid dogs. But behind our terrorists, there is the terrorist state of Russia who keeps whining, rattling its weapons, that these are “peaceful residents.” We have no options left. Either these “peaceful residents” help Putin gobble up Ukraine, or Ukraine will provide them with a carefree pastime in places where they like to put people to work.

Pro-Russian “separatists” in Luhansk

3. Transparency International states: the new government of Ukraine does not want to fight corruption. It is hard to argue with this statement, unfortunately. We see the same mugs in bureaucratic chairs, and we are aware of the same corrupt schemes. Corruption is Ukraine’s own hemorrhoid, just like separatism. We must treat them both. In an urgent manner. Otherwise, New Ukraine is worthless.

The good news:

1. Tomorrow, the servicemen (and their families) from military unit A1100 will leave Crimea for mainland Ukraine. This is the Naval Aviation Brigade deployed in Novofedorivka. These servicemen are our heroes. Virtually without traitors. Almost without any equipment or armaments – the Brigade Command took responsility and moved the equipment to the mainland back on March 3rd. Also, the Combat Banner, all personnel files, and other base documents have been transported out. In fact, this is the base that is immediately ready to continue to serve at their new deployment location. According to previous information, the city of Mykolayiv is their next destination. We are waiting for them.

2. Today, the Ukrainian media has disseminated the photo of a sign in Donetsk. The separatist, who preferred to remain anonymous, wrote: “Dombas is independent.” Obviously, every Donbas resident, even the most illiterate one, knows to spell this word [Donbas], which is sacred for locals. It goes without saying, that a stray simpleton, not even from Ukraine, wrote this. It’s funny, and it’s not.


3. The IMF notes: because of its aggression against Ukraine, the Russian economy is slumping. The 2014 GDP growth forecast has been lowered from 1.9% to 1.3%. Also, a rise in unemployment is being projected. When Putin will get it that jumping around Ukraine is not in Moscow’s interests, it’s hard to say. There’s not a hint of adequacy around Uncle Vova [diminutive of Vladimir]. But even in the most advanced cases one can still have an epiphany.

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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