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DMITRY TYMCHUK: Update on Kramatorsk and the ATO area

After numerous demonstrative acts of blockade preparing for an assault on the Kramatorsk airfield occupied by Ukrainian security forces, extremists lifted the siege. SBU special forces and Interior Ministry troops positioned themselves in an all-around defense, however an assault never followed.

Extremists detained vehicles carrying food to the airfield.

Currently, extremist groups are staying out of the direct line of sight along the perimeter of the airfield.

Simultaneously today, in the area of the counter-terrorism operation and elsewhere, Ukrainian security services (particularly at checkpoints) observed demonstrative activities by extremist groups. It was a massive separatist campaign to psychologically impact and attempt to provoke special forces to open fire.

However, in preparing to repel possible assaults we would like to note a blatant lack of coordination between senior leadership representatives of several law enforcement agencies in the area of ​​the ATO [anti-terrorist operation].

Also, according to our data, the head of the ATO has been absent from the area of the operation for the third day now.

 Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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